Obviously  politics in Nigeria is a "chop I chop" thing among politicians. No wonder, we have so many "PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS " in our system. Many of them have assumed the status of "God fathers". Without them, you go no where. Therefore, our politics has become a thing of "winners take it all" this is the reason why credible opposition is lacking in our polity. Everyone want to belong. This is why politicians jump from one party to the other.

Furthermore,  political parties in Nigeria lacks clear cut ideology. So also our politicians. In fact many of them lack credibility. This is why it has been possible for them to cross carpet. 

In today's Nigeria,  politics has become the most lucrative venture. Little wonder, we have so many "POLITRICIANS" around. They are always full of deceptive plots to trick voters  to win in an election. 

However, running business in Nigeria today is a huge task and only the strong can survive. Sadly, no light, fuel, security and very few loyal staffs. So how will businesses easily survive in such kind of environment. Yet those in government do Little or nothing at making the business environment conducive. I guess this is why many of them refuse to invest some of their stolen money back into the system. Those who invest merely buy flashy cars, build petrol stations, build halls and do businesses that won't employ many staffs. How can we then quantify their level of contribution to the growth of the economy of the nation they chose to "serve".

Come to think of it; what would have happened if the business environment is made conducive enough to the few who are interested in doing business rather than go into politics?

Without an iota of doubt,  majority of those who venture into politics are there for their Selfish interests. Sadly, this mindset now run in the veins of a would be politician or office seeker. So when will Nigeria get it right?

When contracts are awarded, when employments are given and when social amenities are provided, you can always sense Selfishness. This is why we have several shoddy jobs and abandoned projects all over.

When will a Nigerian politician be truthfull for once? When will they put Nigerians first in their plans? When will they bring genuine development to our society? When will they govern like we are in a sane society? When will they treat Nigerians like human?

We are at the electioneering period again. It may look far but it is as near. Campaign will soon begin. Promises will be made as usual. Will we be patience and painstaking to fact check some of there promises this time so as not to " enter one chance" again? Will the electorates allow them to have their ways as usual and continue this bad governance?

Will the electorates ask salient questions that can throw up better candidates? Will they be patience enough to allow the politicians tell us their programs at the Campaign venue  and not turn it to fanfare as usual? Will the electorates be truthfull to themselves for once and vote in credible candidates only? Will they have the will power to stop the money bags from gaining power? Will the electorates drop the conventional idea of it is his/her turn without putting the interest of all first and objective in selection process and voting into office?

Time will tell.

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  1. Nigeria My Country!

    "Nigeria will be better one day" people say. But, I wonder why actions oppose people's talk. I think speech works with soul.

    The only not_yet_detected problem we are having are these so called leaders of the greatest black sheep. Don't be annoyed by the word Black sheep.
    Truth must be told. Nigeria leaders are using bad and poor governance to enslave us. They secure the post as you mentioned earlier for the benefit of their pockets and for the sake of uncertain coming generation of theirs.For that, when they get there, they tend to care for their interest and put general_interest under their office chairs.

    Sad enough!, If a good join them today, he will also turn to bad no_long time and if the good refuses to join the devilish politicians, he is fired from the office or even from the world. That's why people who have Godly minds are rear in the sysytem and those in there will hold their lips in a bid to return home completely.

    Referring to your worries on the low rate of investment by this fake public office holders Sir.
    They can never invest. Because they know the worse situation of all those social_amenities are and as a case of study. No Kidnaper will love his or her child to nightcrawl, for he knows Kidnappers like him work at night.

    They know of the poor situation of Electricity, they will not love to venture into electricity_consuming investment. They know how poor the Education system is, they will rather send their children abroad to school.

    Nigerians are problem of Nigeria.

    I think I wrote something related to that.

    You can have it through the link below.