TRUTH BE TOLD by Taiwo Adesoji Isaac

The current happening in Nigeria should interest everyone. The level of insecurity is daily becoming alarming. Innocent people walking into their death without knowing it and unfortunately that is gradually becoming a norm in our society. 

Worst still, people seemed to be moving on perhaps they are helpless. Whereas the government whose primary responsibility is the security of lives and properties of her citizen seem to be looking the other way. So which way Nigeria!

Without any doubt,  this trouble is inching closer to everyone including those in power. That means,  no one is safe. The unfortunate Kaduna train incident which caught many government officials unawares leaving some dead and the whereabouts of some unknown should be an eye opener to the dangers ahead. Travelling by road, train and air is been heavily threatened. So who says it can not have happened to anyone including serving governors, ministers and top government officials. 

As a matter of fact, a lot of issues landed us here. Selfishness on the part of our leaders and politicians is one of them. Monies meant to purchase arms and ammunition are either diverted to private porches or refurbished ones bought. At times, inferior weapons were shipped into the country and celebrated to high heavens with very little or no significant impact in combating security challenges. 

Non challant attitude on the part of our leaders is another point. Shielding of criminal elements from facing the full wrath of the law has emboldened these criminal elements. Political office holders kept telling lies to cover up a lot of their misdemeanours in the society. Unfortunately people know some of these things. Sadly, they don't feel bothered about the future implications of their actions. However,  they should remember that no matter how many miles their lies have travelled, just in one day, truth will come to speed with it and this is where we are now. A lot of lies told have now been revealed by the current happenings in our society. The leaders are not doing enough at all to save the country from becoming a failed state. Now look at lives of both the common people and dignitaries been lost in avoidable circumstances.

Obviously, most of these miscreants called bandits used to be political thugs or mercenaries to rig elections. They weaponised them to achieve their Selfish interests and now could no longer be controlled.  They have become a menace to the society at large and everyone is paying dearly for it. What a pity!

Without mincing words, now is the right time to act. Government at every level should be awake to their responsibility. They should be truthfull and bold to confront the so called bandits and nip their activities in the board. Security of lives and properties should be their major concern now.

In Nigeria, I doubt if there has been any compensation to victims of these incident. Either 
to families of those who lost their loved ones or those who lost their properties in the process. Therefore, why wouldn't the government stay alive to their responsibilities at least to protect everyone struggling to better their lives with their hard earned resources.

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  1. On the last last paragraph.

    Nigeria I am seeing can not compensate anyone for the list of his fellow, Because, it's only what you know his value and worth you really care and feel worried of is lost. A country where humanity is of zero degree can not but look away what needs attention really.

    I really do acknowledge from the sound of your pen how you really feel about Nigeria tormented state that is worrisome. With time, Nigeria will turn to be that you always wish as long as goody-goody like you keep calling our attention to what we are meant to do as norm.

    May God for this month of mercy change Nigeria to the better one we have always be praying and dreaming of.